Creative Thinking

Phil is an expert on creative thinking, both for the individual also on how to develop a creative culture in businesses and other organisations. In addition to being a creator of magic effects, he has significant international business experience where many of his roles have been in change management and culture change.

Most people believe that they are not creative. However we are all creative, often in ways that we do not normally think. Each one of us has untapped potential and this creativity can be unlocked with the proper tools and techniques.

Phil has developed and presents a program on Creative Thinking. Using magic as a teaching aid, he explains how to expand thought processes to generate more ideas for solving problems. This is a hands on workshop for Companies which will teach a variety of practical tools for enhancing creative thought either individually or as part of a management team.

The program can be used as part of a team building exercise as there is active use of the tools by the participants, usually in groups.

The program includes:

Often, training materials are just put on a shelf after the course is completed. Phil provides participants with practical Key Cards that can be easily kept in a wallet or purse. This ensures that memory-jogging reminders for the various tools and techniques are always at hand.

Elements of the program can be provided as a shorter presentation, for example as an interlude during team building events, or as a keynote speech.

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Business: A Magician’s Approach - Instant Download

You can also order Phil’s PDF book “Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Business: A Magician’s Approach”. In addition to various tools, it includes exercises to improve your creative thinking.

Phil’s expertise in creative thinking as it relates to business is derived from experience in senior management roles in a variety of businesses, his academic qualification with an MBA from a top US business school and also from being a performing magician who has created and marketed original magic effects.

The cost of the book is £15 and it runs over 60 pages of A4 size.


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