Phil provides a number of talks for companies and societies including the following:

Creative Thinking:

Blocks to Creative Thinking – Understand what prevents creative thought, how to think differently and exercises to help practice new ways of thinking.

Developing a Creative Culture – Understand how to develop and drive a creative culture in the workplace and the tools to help you do this.


The History of Conjuring – starting with the earliest known magic effect by Dedi over 4,500 years ago and moving through the golden age of magic of the late 1800’s all the way to some of today’s well known magicians. Did you know for example that the earliest book exposing magic “The Discoverie of Witchcraft” was published in 1584. Of course, Harry Houdini is covered in the talk, as are other magicians who are not so well known to the general public today. For example, Chung Ling Soo billed as “The World’s Greatest Conjurer”, but whose greatest illusion was perhaps the fact that he was not Chinese at all, and Maskelyne the war magician, who used his magic knowledge to help disguise troop movements in the second World War. The talk includes performances of some of the classic magic effects.

The History of Playing Cards – Looking at the origin of playing cards, through tarot cards to cards we are familiar with today. It also includes various stories of card cheats and some of the scams and techniques those card cheats use. Some of these are demonstrated ….. for example, how can you tell if a deck of cards is marked, have you ever seen the classic Three Card Monte scam performed live before or just heard the stories?

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