Party Entertainment

Magician For Parties

Your guests can arrive and be treated to close up magic before and during the meal. If you wish, afterwards they can sit back and enjoy a different style of magic with a parlour show. This is particularly applicable for birthday parties, family gatherings, outdoor barbeques and other celebrations or for a special event when sharing the evening with friends and family. It makes a unique dining experience.

Christmas Parties

Phil performs at Christmas parties at private homes, restaurants and hotels to provide something unforgettable to that Christmas magic.

Charity Fundraisers

Phil performs at various charity fundraisers periodically to help provide “that something special” to the evening. He has performed in the past for Help for Heroes, Francis House Children’s Hospice, WaterAid and local schools among others.

Phil can also present his magic in various other formats:

Phil performs magic which uses a table. Some magic, like the classic Cups & Balls, requires the use of a table for performance. Often at a dining table or in a “mix and mingle” situation, sufficient table space is not available for these astounding close up magic effects so Phil has designed a show for those times where a table is available. This show is therefore static in nature in that the guests must go to the table to watch the show. This can be an addition to the close up magic option.

Phil performs a combination of magic and mind reading in a more formal show setting albeit with much audience interaction.

Also known as the “Heads I Win, Tails you Lose” street gambling swindles. These include such items such as 3 card Monte, The Shells and Pea game, Fast and loose and others. Phil performs these in a style where the guests are not made to feel stupid for losing. This is performed at a separate table and can be an option to the close up magic.

Phil performs a street style magic act lasting approximately 20 minutes. The audience is generally standing up in an informal horseshoe. This is particularly effective as a conclusion to a close up magic engagement in an informal garden party type environment where a more formal cabaret show may not be the best fit. Some of the Bunco Booth routines can be included if requested by the event organiser. The act can be repeated through the duration of the event.

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