The Difference a Magician Makes

Weddings are joyous, happy events for the couple, family and friends. However carefully laid out the plans are, they hardly ever run exactly to time. Wedding photographs can take longer, there can be delays getting to the reception from the church, the food is not ready on time, and a host of other issues mean that any strict time plan often goes out the window. This is one of the areas where I can help the wedding flow seamlessly, despite these types of issues. I am used to helping cover these situations by being flexible in my approach. I am always very early to arrive at weddings when I am booked to perform, and never commit to performing at more than one wedding in a day to ensure that I am hand to help cover unforeseen problems. By performing mix and mingle magic to your guests, I can help ensure that they are not waiting with no entertainment on hand. It also provides time for me to introduce guests to each other. In my experience, there are always a few people at every wedding who know only the bride or groom and no other people in the room. You often see them standing apart from everyone else, in a corner, just holding a drink. My performing style helps to get them involved with other guests so that they can enjoy the event without that feeling of not knowing anyone else.

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